Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Digital Learning Day 2016 - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What are we doing for Digital Learning Day 2016?  Hopefully, we are doing the same things we do EVERY day!  In 2016, EVERY day should be a digital learning day.  Our digital tools should be so much a natural part of our day-to-day work that the most wonderful thing about DLD is that it is just like every other day.

Digital tools are not the novelty they once were.  With a 1:1 program, our students are just as comfortable pulling out their digital devices and logging on to complete a task as those of us from the previous generations were pulling out our paper and pencils.  Do we really need to create a forced celebration or static digital event to commemorate DLD?  I would hope not.  I would hope that as citizens in a digital world, these events were commonplace.

For those who disagree... prove me wrong!  Here are some resources:

Digital Learning Day 2016 Logo

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