Monday, June 22, 2015

Join me at ISTE 2015

The time has come for one of my favorite events of the year... ISTE 2015!  This year, the conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA.  Some folks might think that going to a conference isn't real "work!"  Well, to them I say, "You've never seen ME at a conference!"  I get teased unmercifully about how rabidly I go at a conference... and ISTE especially.  I chomp at the bit to get an early start, which is totally against my nature, and I go until I can barely put one foot in front of the other in the evening.  A couple of years ago in San Antonio, TX, my group was worried about me because I had not returned to the hotel by 7:30pm.  Now they know better.  It's just MaryAnn in ISTE-mode.

ISTE is the place where I go to recharge my professional batteries.  I am like a big old sponge, soaking up everything I can hear.  I truly am a lifelong learner and this is my biggest chance of the year to learn something new!  So if you see me in Philadelphia, don't say I didn't warn you.  Don't get in my way or you may get trampled!  Come join me, and let's learn something together!


  1. What are the benefits of teachers attending and what is the cost?

  2. I have been DYING to go to ISTE and my previous boss had told me I could go this year. I'd figured that wouldn't happen since I'm the new girl to ECPS. Tell me what to do and I'm sooooo there!

  3. For some reason my previous post didn't publish under my name -Sherry Abrams