Friday, November 21, 2014

Real World Examples of What We Mean When We Use All That Edu-Techno-Jargon

We're all guilty of it.  We get together and start throwing around the latest edu-speak.  We know what we're talking about.  Shouldn't everybody else?  This, above just about anything else, is why some parents don't want to talk to us.  They don't know what we mean!  We talk about things like Bloom's Taxonomy of Higher Order Thinking Skills... or worse yet, the alphabet-soup of HOTS.  Anyone in education knows immediately what we're talking about.  But for the person in the conversation not "in the club," not "in on the joke," not "speaking our language," it can be very intimidating!

So as I was just reading through my inbox this morning, I came across an article that not only puts what we mean when we're using that terminology into layman's terms, it gives real-world, practical examples of apps you can use in the classroom with kids to accomplish some of these famous higher order thinking skills!  It even shows you what the finished products students create might look like.  So take a few minutes and read this article, by Kathy Schrock, the quintessential guru of all things educational technology:  6 Apps That Target Higher Order Thinking Skills.  You'll be glad you did!

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