Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's a short distance....

... between an urge and an action in students these days.  As a wise person once said, "He's just a twitch waiting to happen!"  (Credit must go to my big brother for that.  You truly are a wise man, Mark Davis!)  I had the opportunity to sit in a classroom with some high school students yesterday.  Wow!  I'm rethinking my calling.  Maybe our focus needs to be on how we install a filter on students who apparently have had no filter their entire lives.  They think it... they blurt it out... they do it... they touch it....  They can't seem to help themselves!  Maybe what we need to do is just slow the speed down slightly, to give them time to think before doing.  A pause button, maybe?  I truly don't know.  But I do know that there is a need for this... at least here in my district, and I suspect everywhere else, too.  At least in the United States.

I'm not long on solutions, but my eyes were truly opened.  So now that the eyes are open, I will be looking for ways I can suggest to slow down the pace... just a little.  To give students time to think....  Think before they speak... think before they react... think before they twitch.  Suggestions are welcome!

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's time to kick it into high gear!

Confession time:  I've been coasting on this blog business.  No really.  I had the best of intentions to blog at least weekly, but months go by and the busy-ness of doing daily business keeps me too busy to do the blog business!  Well, it's time to change all that!  I'm enrolled in an online MOOC-Ed course through The Friday Institute called Coaching Digital Learning, because, after all, isn't that what we do?  We're coaches!  All of us in the ITF game are really just coaches trying to help other teachers learn to play better in the 21st Century classroom.  And what good are coaches if they aren't connected?  It's my responsibility to share with others.  Not only that, it's my passion!  It's my mission in life!

So, no more coasting!  If I intend to make a difference in this world, and I do, then I have to get busy!  Learning something new is all well and good, but unless I share what I learn with others, it's a dead end street!  So watch here as I work on developing a plan to share what I know, not only with those in my immediate circle of influence, but with those in the larger world of the world wide web.  If you Tweet it, they will follow!  If you Blog it, they will read!  Let's get connected!

P.S.  In searching for an image to use with this post, I found a new way to connect!  Try this one on for size: