Thursday, June 20, 2013

Connected Learning 2013 #clmooc

Man, oh man!  I don't think I knew what I was jumping into when I followed a link on Edutopia that said, "Make. Write. Remix. Share."  But now, I think I'm more excited than I have been in a long time, and that's saying a lot, seeing as how I'm pretty excited most of the time, about enhancing kids' educational opportunities through the use of technology!

So I've gone and signed up for a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) called Connected Learning 2013. I'm late to the game, so, as usual, I'm playing catch-up.  I just watched the recording of their kickoff Google Hangout and I've got so many tabs open on my computer that the smoke is rising!  I'm going to try to share as many of the links here as possible, as much for me, so I can get back to them as for you, my reader!  (Yes, I Diigoed them, too! But I've got to have something to blog about!)

First of all, all these opportunities are FREE!  Yes, I said, "FREE!"  They are also "opt-in" or be as involved as you want/can.  There are suggested timelines to keep the flow moving, but no one is going to call your parents if you miss a deadline!  The MOOC runs from June 14-August 4, 2013.

This is part of a larger initiative called Educator Innovator, sponsored by the National Writing Project.  I'm telling you, the web is intense.  There's a student branch called MakerParty.  And this article from the Innovative Educator blog probably does a better job of explaining how all this came into being than I can after one Google Hangout!

Anyway, I'm on my way to try to catch up by creating SOMEthing (it's all about MAKING!) to introduce myself to this global group!  I'll come back and link it up here once I'm done!  Wish me luck!
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(All this while I'm getting ready to head to ISTE2013 ( #iste2013 ) and a regional Homebase training!  Well, I'm never satisfied unless I'm slammed!)


  1. It's so great to have you in the mix, and thanks for blogging about it, too. We hope that folks move in and out of different spaces, sharing and connecting and making as they go. And the MOOC has only just begun ...

  2. Thanks, Kevin! Just what I needed... another obsession! At least there will be an "ending" date.... although, I'll bet those of us driven to do this kind of thing will just keep right on connecting and making!