Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Full Calendars

Thank GOODNESS for Google Calendar!  If it weren't for that tool, I wouldn't know where I was or where I was going next most days!  Edgecombe Early College High School continues to keep me busy as they get used to life without a resident MaryAnn.  We have developed some procedures that should be easy to follow and will help keep things in order over there when I am not in the house!

SouthWest Edgecombe High School has reached out for a little MsP love again.  I worked with them about a week ago getting their student laptops catalogued and today, I was able to help Mr. Baker get the student database updated and ready for checkout.  SWE students should begin checking out laptops starting tomorrow. Mr. Baker is always so appreciative of anything I can do to help.  It is a true joy to work with him for the students at SWE.

Tomorrow, all of the tech facilitators will be working with Mr. Gould to develop Moodle procedures for the rest of the year and into perpetuity!  If you have Moodle needs in the district, don't hesitate to contact Shanda Edwards, Russell Smith or myself and we will hook you up!  Keep in mind that there are several alternative Learning Management Systems available if Moodle isn't your cup of tea!  We are starting a Schoology initiative in the district this year.  Several of the teachers at North have jumped on that bandwagon with both feet and love it!  And in very short order (early October is what we hear), we will be rolling out Gaggle to the district, which will be an email solution for students, but oh so much more!  Keep it tuned in here for the latest updates to the Gaggle roll out!

Tomorrow afternoon and next week, I will begin my ClassScape trainings with several of the schools in the district.  Tomorrow, Stocks Elementary's 3rd Grade teachers will be training up on this assessment tool, provided by the district to help prepare students for the End-of-Grade/-Course tests.  The district is using this tool for benchmark testing this year, but teachers can also build their own custom assessments based on the new Common Core standards.  Next week, I will be spending the day with Pattillo School on Wednesday as I work with grade level teams there.

Like I said... without the assistance of Google Calendar, I wouldn't know where I was!  Aren't we glad there are so many cool techno-tools to keep us on track in this 21st Century world we live in?  I know I am!

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