Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy Week

Wow!  I keep thinking things will settle down, but this new role is proving to be one that promises to keep me busy!  I started the week with a trip to Phillips Middle School with my colleague, Russell Smith, to show to Ms. Cooper, the CTE teacher.  Ms. Cooper is an experienced Moodle user and has quite an impressive course set up in Moodle already.  We were able to help her by setting up her 6th grade students and making sure all her staff had access to her course, but we also showed her Schoology and I think we have a convert!  As soon as we get the Gaggle initiative rolled out, she will be ready to join the ranks of Schoology.

All three of the tech facilitators, Shanda Edwards, Russell Smith and myself, took a trip on Wednesday to Coker-Wimberly Elementary to demonstrate a new type of projector that makes any surface an interactive board!  This new projector by Epson is pretty amazing.  We also demo-ed mirroring what is displayed on an iPad to a projector using an AppleTV device.  There are so many exciting new hardware devices available for teachers these days.  I am so excited to be doing what I'm doing!

This morning, the staff of Edgecombe Early College participated in Zendesk and iPad training.  We are developing a process through which the teachers will check out class sets of 10 iPads to use with students during the day and provide feedback on how to best use these devices in an educational setting.  I know they are raring to go!  iPads are available starting on Monday!

This afternoon, Russell and I will be travelling to Tarboro High School to help with freshman laptop orientation.  Most students attended this during the Open House on September 26th, but a few missed it and need to participate in this necessary training before being allowed to check out a laptop.

Tomorrow brings some one-on-one Google training with a new employee at the request of Mrs. Sherita Cobb.  We are going to go over the ins and outs of Google Docs and Google Calendars, as well as anything else this new person needs.

Remember, we are here for YOU!  If you have a techno-need, don't hesitate to call on one of your tech facilitators.  We do large and small group, as well as individual training.  But we won't know what you need until you tell us!

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